BaZi- The Destiny Code Your Guide to the Four Pillars of Destiny

BaZi- The Destiny Code Your Guide to the Four Pillars of Destiny

BaZi- The Destiny Code Your Guide to the Four Pillars of Destiny

Title: BaZi- The Destiny Code Your Guide to the Four Pillars of Destiny
Author(s): Joey Yap
Publisher: JY Books Sdn Bhd; 2nd edition (February 1, 2005)
Language: English
Pages: 300
ISBN-10: 9833332013
ISBN-13: 978-9833332014

Taking control of your life begins with understanding not just yourself, but your Destiny and most importantly, your Luck
Concerned about your financial situation? Wondering what career to pursue now that you have graduated from university? Trying to figure out how to climb the corporate ladder? Or perhaps you are already at the top of your game and wondering if there is something else that life holds in store for you? Are you at the crossroads of your life and seeking direction ? Or are you just the average super mom trying to figure out how to prioritise between your husband, your children and your career?

Life is full of decisions and we are constantly striving to find new ways and new tools to help us make better decisions. That is what BaZi is all about learning about how to understand your own Destiny in order to make better, informed decisions. We all want answers. Answers to life's Personal, Family and Career challenges. Answers to what life holds in store for us. Answers about our true potential, about the extent of our abilities.

These answers all lie within our BaZi our Destiny Code. Decode your BaZi and decipher what Destiny holds in store for you. Life's challenges are never ending. But if you understand and know what lies ahead, see the obstacles and opportunities, strategise and plan your actions accordingly, life s challenges are more manageable. Your birth data (year, month, day and time of birth) is an intricate code that contains information on your Destiny your talents, your hidden abilities, your character, strengths, weaknesses, challenges in life, achievements, and your luck cycle. That is why understanding your Destiny Code is tremendously empowering.

The Destiny Code is Joey Yap s introductory book on BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny, written in an easy-to-read style with helpful illustrations. BaZi is one of the foremost forms of Chinese Astrology and is utilised by Asia's leading business tycoons, film stars, pop stars and even politicians. In this comprehensive book, Joey Yap delves deeper into BaZi, beyond the conventional Chinese Astrology readings that focus on the year of birth. Learn about the 10 Heavenly Stems, 12 Earthly Branches, special relationships between the Five Elements, the technique of plotting a BaZi chart and simple, quick analysis techniques for deciphering your Destiny Code.

In this book, learn how to: Plot your personal BaZi (Destiny Code) Chart, Understand your character and personality model, Determine your favourable or unfavourable career options, Analyse your Wealth potential and capacity of your life, Maximise your opportunities in life, Discover and utilise your hidden talents, Improve personal and family relationships, Optimise your performance

Who Should Read This Book? This book is suitable for those who wishes to know more about Chinese Astrology, specifically BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny. This is a beginner s book, but holds water-tight information for plotting a Chinese Astrology chart, interpreting a chart to determine favorable and unfavorable outcomes and more. This book may also appeal to BaZi enthusiasts who wish for a refresher course in their studies.
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