The Future of the Workplace: Insights and Advice from 31 Pioneering

The Future of the Workplace: Insights and Advice from 31 Pioneering

Title: The Future of the Workplace: Insights and Advice from 31 Pioneering Business and Thought Leaders
Author(s): Bill Fox
Publisher: Apress
Year: 2020
Language: English
Pages: 263
ISBN: 1484250974, 9781484250976
Size: 467

As society evolves in the direction of innovation, digital influence, and rapid information delivery, workplaces must follow suit in order to remain relevant and engaging to modern employees. Bill Fox, a thought leader and author with decades of experience in the business world, has interviewed 31 global business leaders about how they create workplaces that continue to adapt with the times, where each team thrives at each level. These lessons go beyond the limitations of "best practices" and "working smarter", and instead focus on insights and strategies to bridge the gap between the Industrial Age and the new "Forward-Thinking Age".

The Future of the Workplaceoffers advice for the leaders, managers, and employees of both today and tomorrow. Fox discusses macro and micro topics with influential figures such as Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks; Steph Holloway, body language and communication expert; David Marquet, author ofTurn the Ship Around; John Bell, former CEO of Jacobs Suchard; Perry Marshall, author ofEvolution 2.0; and many more. You will gain applicable tools to shift attitudes and bring transformative change to your organization, creating a productive and realistic future for both your team and yourself.

The very nature of the dynamic between employer and employee is divergent from what it was merely 10 years ago. Perspectives from different members of multiple types of teams and company structures are offered in this book in order to ensure a well-rounded view of how the future of workplaces can best accommodate everybody. The world is significantly shifting in personal, economic, and political ways, andThe Future of the Workplaceis your guide to effectively embracing these new challenges for the better.

What You Will Learn
Shares new insights to help resolve some of today's most vexing workplace challenges
Reveals perspectives from different members on a team on how the workplace has evolved

Learn how to trigger change to create a more adequate and healthy workplace environment

Who This Book Is For
Anyone looking for new and better ways to transform the workplace including, consultants, managers, and leaders
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